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ECOLIFE Conservation received the official certification of voluntary emissions reductions under the Gold Standard for the Global Goals Framework in 2021. This means our Patsari cookstove program is able to generate and sell verified emission reductions – carbon credits. As part of the certification process, monitoring surveys, kitchen performance tests and independent audits provide the means to transparently evaluate the project impact. Project implementation in 20222 was at a all time high with construction rates exceeding past records. This allowed ECOLIFE to surpass 10,000 stoves built as of 2022.

ECOLIFE conducted both an in-person and virtual stakeholder consultation meeting to collect feedback from a diverse set of stakeholders that are directly affected by the project.

We welcome comments and feedback via phone (760) 740-1346 or email to

Feedback Document

This document contains a non-technical summary of the project, sustainability assessment, and evaluation feedback form. It is designed to provide information about the project activities and provide feedback on project design, planning, and implementation.