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Inspiring the next generation of scientists and environmental leaders

 aquaponics and STEM curricula has been brought to over 1,000 classroomS

More than 150,000 students now have the opportunity to connect with the natural world through hands-on learning.


ECO-Cycle Aquaponics Kit

Immersive Learning

The Impact of Immersive Learning

When students break away from textbooks and immerse themselves in scientific inquiry, they connect science, technology, engineering and math to real-world applications. Students formulate new ideas and learn to question the world around them based on their own experiences, developing critical thinking and collaboration skills along the way.

Aquaponics Education

Our ECO-Cycle Aquaponics Kit has brought complex science concepts out of the textbook and placed them directly in front of students. With the opportunity to take learning into their own hands, these future scientists, farmers, educators, and leaders discovered their power to problem solve and will create change in the world around them.

Aquaponics in the home

Have taught over 100,000 students how to grow fresh produce with aquaponics at home.

Eco Cycle Picture
aquaponics in the classroom

Thank you for giving students the opportunity to experience hands-on environmental science.

aquaponics in the future

Hands on learning for our future leaders was made possible by our generous ECOLIFE  community and grants.

Our Impact To Date

With over 1,000 ECO-Cycle Aquaponics Kits donated to schools across the country, thousands of students are experiencing the wonder of nature from within their classrooms. Each classroom, now a project-based laboratory, offers daily insight into real-world applications of STEM concepts and provides valuable life skills to students of all ages and backgrounds.


ECO-Cycles In Schools


Students Impacted

We have our biology students doing fish and plant cycles, chemistry students testing water quality, and art classes observing and drawing fish and plant life. This brings all the content areas together and gives everyone connection to the project.
– Lara Dickens, 12th Grade AP Environmental Science Teacher at Patrick Henry High School, San Diego, CA

Aquaponics Curriculum

With over 50 NGSS-aligned lessons, our K-12 STEM Curriculum turns the ECO-Cycle into a lab for a wide array of environmental and scientific topics such as plant and fish anatomy, photosynthesis, nutrient cycling, and much more.

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Your donationS provided ECO-Cycles and STEM education to classrooms nationwide.