ECO-Cycle Aquaponics Kit being used to grow leafy greens


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Woman and Stove


Stoves provide healthier and safer ways of cooking.

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A Look Back at 2017

Simple Sustainable Solutions

Our approach matches simple technologies with education to improve upon our use of precious natural resources such as water, land, and forest.

This stove does not create smoke in my house since it has a chimney, which is much better for my lungs and my family. Having this stove has made our life much better.

Maria Isabelle

Mexico Stove Recipient

Through ECOLIFE, students became stakeholders in a habitat restoration project. They learned about aquaponics, water chemistry, nitrate cycling, germination, and how to present results. ECOLIFE’s staff is great, because they involve students throughout the entire process. The project is a tremendous experience for Helix. The semester’s finale is transplanting aquaponic plants into Shepherd Canyon.

Jeff Kepper

Biology & Oceanography Teacher at Helix High Charter School

I support ECOLIFE because of their unique and brilliant approach to conservation. ECOLIFE’s mission does not just focus on saving one endangered plant or animal but instead targets solutions that improve the health and life of the people living in that community.

Kathy Puplava

ECOLIFE Supporter