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The Patsari Stove is our culturally appropriate solution to protecting both community health and the monarch butterflies.

 the patsari stove

A highly efficient combustion chamber sits at the heart of every sturdy, brick-walled stove. Prefabricated chimneys funnel smoke outside the houses, and the cooking surfaces are sealed to keep smoke from leaking out into the house.

What are carbon credits?

Carbon Credits are verified emission reductions, equal to one ton of carbon dioxide eliminated from the atmosphere. High-quality carbon credits are developed by adhering to a strict set of international standards that quantify emission reductions.

ECOLIFE achieved certification under Gold Standard for the Global Goals, the best-recognized global organization for certification of carbon reduction projects. “Gold Standard certified” implies the most rigorous review of Voluntary Emission Reduction credits.

Carbon credits created by the project are verified by auditors, certified by the Gold Standard, and sold on the voluntary market to organizations committed to reducing their carbon footprint.

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Why are they important?

Carbon credits are an important climate change mitigation mechanism that channels funding into programs that have proven environmental and social benefits, such as ECOLIFE’s Patsari Stove Project. Carbon credits represent an opportunity to help meet global carbon reduction goals while investing in important emission reduction projects that require funding to take place.

Funding from the carbon markets provide a sustainable revenue model for the Patsari Stove Project, allowing us to scale implementation and impact. Carbon credits allow us to build more stoves; saving more lives, protecting more monarch habitat, and reducing more carbon emissions.

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Gold Standard certification provides the seal of approval that confirms the quality of our program design and the real impact that it has. The strict third-party approval process allows ECOLIFE to independently certify that our impacts on health, climate change mitigation, and sustainable development are real and verified.

Furthermore, the certification improves the overall quality and transparency of our project because it provides insight on project performance like never before. ECOLIFE’s extensive monitoring program collects quantitative and qualitative data that help to make decisions on project operation and outcome. This level of clarity allows the project to identify, track, and improve crucial aspects of the project.

Hear about our Carbon Credit Program from Project Manager, Chris Goering

Our Impact To Date

Stoves built
EST. Trees Saved in Butterfly Habitat
People Impacted
EST. Tons of CO2 Reduced

*figures based on stove lifetime (5yrs)

The Patsari Stove

The Patsari is our culturally appropriate solution to protecting both community health and the monarch. The Patsari eliminates 90% of smoke from homes and uses 60% less firewood. The flat surfaces are ideal for cooking tortillas and traditional meals, and the brick exteriors make them permanent and safe for children.

Give to Save Lives and Habitats

Your donation does double duty, protecting wildlife and people at the same time.