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Grow fresh greens in your home with our ECO-Cycle Aquaponics Kit

Fresh produce all year long

The ECO-Cycle has brought aquaponics into many homes and even workplaces allowing food to grow year-round at a faster rate using less resources!

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Get Growing With Aquaponics

Showcase your commitment to sustainable food and healthy living by growing with aquaponics. Each time you harvest home-grown produce from your ECO-Cycle, you will be reminded of your contribution to our planet. With your aquaponics system you are actively taking part in reducing the amount of water and land used in conventional agriculture, as well as fuel and resource consumption from food transportation.

Your Purchase directly funds our classroom aquaponics program

Thank you for helping us provide students the opportunity to experience hands-on learning.


Resources for Growing On Your Own

The Impact of Growing Your Own

Growing your own food is fun and impactful. With your ECO-Cycle, you are taking a stand against excessive resource use and the fuel and transportation costs of getting food to stores. Growing aquaponically produces safe, pesticide-free greens for you and your family without burdening our environment or natural resources.


ECO-Cycles growing local produce


Plants grown in ECO-Cycles across the country

Get Your ECO-Cycle Aquaponics Kit Today!

Dive into the symbiosis between fish and plants, by growing with aquaponics.