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Stable environments need stable communities

Our definition of conservation includes human communities

Many conservation groups see people as part of the problem. ECOLIFE sees people as critical to the solution, and just as worthy of our support.

Social and Economic Development for Local People

Our culturally-appropriate programs result in immediate and measurable benefits to endangered species, natural resources, and human communities. Our field teams provide underserved communities with jobs they are proud of, and training that will take them further in their careers. The people who promote our stoves make lasting connections in their community. Our stove builders gain hands-on experience in masonry, which they can take beyond the scopes of our work and pass down to their children. Stove recipients are grateful to breathe clean air and spend less time and money on fuel for cooking.

Learn about the environments we protect with community-based conservation

Our teams in Mexico and Uganda are protecting their environments and empowering their neighbors.

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Our Stoves in Action
Communities and Their Environments

The monarch butterfly: Spirits of the departed

In Michoacán, Mexico, monarchs are often described as souls of the departed revisiting their loved ones. They are cherished, and tourism for their annual migration benefits local communities. But deforestation from fuelwood harvest is driving the disappearance of the monarchs.

The Batwa in Bwindi, Uganda

In 1991, a community of hunter-gatherers called the “Batwa” were evicted from their forest in the name of conservation. Today, they are destitute. ECOLIFE believes that conservation should never devalue or ignore human communities, and we support better futures for people like the Batwa.

I joined ECOLIFE because I find it very interesting how technology can be a unifying solution to economic, social, and environmental problems.
– Lalo Ramirez, ECOLIFE MX Department of Stoves and Construction

Help women like Gloria teach others

Our local promoters are able to share our mission because of people like you.