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Reports & Financials

How We Spend Our Money

Our fiscal year runs from January 1 to December 31. Each fall, the Board approves the operating budget for the following year. ECOLIFE is very fortunate to have a Board who covers our overhead and fundraising expenses. 100% of any donation goes directly toward programs. In 2022 we allocated 9.8% to Fundraising, 15.5% toward Overhead, and 74.7% toward Programs.

EIN: 20-0147505

2022 Budget
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ECOLIFE has earned a platinum rating seal of transparency on Guidestar. Have a question about our budget and fundraising? We are committed to full transparency, so if you need more information, please reach out to Stacy at


In 2022 we surpassed over 10,000 stoves built throughout Mexico and Uganda! That’s 54,500 men, women, and children who can live healthier lives while simultaneously being part of the solution to protect their natural habitat around them by reducing deforestation.

On our Sustainable Agriculture side the build of the Modular Aquaponics Response Kit, or M.A.R.K.was completed! This revolutionary aquaponics system is designed to ship anywhere in the world and enables anyone to produce up to 1,620 plants and 180 lbs of harvestable fish per year with only 15-hours of maintenance per week. It’s also completely self-sustaining, leveraging state-of-the-art solar equipment so it can be installed in nearly any environment without the need for traditional power. The Aquaponics Innovation Center (or AIC as we call it) now has three large systems growing produce, and already this year over 2,500 pounds were donated to your neighbors in need.

Our founder Bill Toone was recognized by AARP as a winner of the 2023 AARP Purpose Prize. This honor is awarded to those who use their knowledge and life experience to solve challenging social problems. This prestigious award came with a generous grant to the organization and provided exposure to AARP’s 38-million members raising awareness of the global challenges we impact, while also bringing additional support and resources for our organization to broaden our reach.

2022 was a busy year and as of the new year our headquarters are now in a new location in Carlsbad, California. The new address is 2810 Pio Pico Drive, Carlsbad, CA 92011. Just up the street from Carlsbad City Hall and Carlsbad Parks Department. Our Aquaponics Innovation Center is still in north Escondido.