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ECOLIFE was founded on the idea that true and lasting conservation is all about people.

Our Mission

ECOLIFE provides sustainable solutions that connect communities with their environments environments in ways that improve human health and natural resource management.

Our story began with a tragedy that triggered a fresh perspective on conservation. That perspective kindled an idea, that idea inspired action, and those actions have saved ecosystems and lives.

Our Story


Our Priority Regions

We work at the intersections of humans and wildlife in Mexico, Uganda, and the US. While people have the capacity to damage environments, they also have the power to protect them. By providing communities with health-conscious, environmentally friendly methods of food production and cooking, we help people and nature prosper together.


Saving Land and Water in California

Cutest Boy


Protecting The Monarch Butterfly

About Uganda


Preserving Mountain Gorilla Habitat

Be Part Of Our Mission

Your donation does double duty, protecting people and wildlife at the same time.