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We began with a promise to remember that humans are a deserving and integral part of nature.

Our Approach

We approach conservation holistically, addressing the biggest threats to life on earth. We focus on providing simple solutions to the leading causes of wildlife extinctions and human deaths.

Our mission is to protect wildlife, natural resources, and the people who depend on them. We are helping humans and nature prosper together.

Extinction and Death

Extinction is driven by habitat loss, and more people die from indoor cooking fire smoke than any other single cause.

Agriculture and Stoves

Our strongest defenses against extinction and human mortalities are practical solutions to agriculture and cooking fires.

Return To Madagascar
Executive Director & Founder, William Toone

Bill is a renowned conservation biologist and a spokesperson for endangered species. He has worked around the globe, experiencing the world’s natural wonders as well as its misunderstood cultures.

Quality of life should not come at a cost to our environment: it is the byproduct of a healthy environment.
– Bill Toone

History of ECOLIFE Conservation

ECOLIFE begins


Eric Hallstein and William Toone founded “ECOLIFE Foundation”

First Stove


We began building stoves in Mexico

The ECO-Cycle


ECOLIFE Conservation patents the ECO-Cycle Aquaponics kit



ECOLIFE incorporates and opens an office in Michoacán, Mexico

5,000 Stoves

August 2019

5,000th stove built in Mexico’s Monarch Butterfly Reserve

We chose the monarch butterfly as our logo because, to us, it is so much more than just beautiful. The monarch symbolizes nature’s perfection, the fragility of all life on earth, and the idea that, though our actions can destroy something delicate, they also have the power to save it.