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Building resilience in homes and in nature, one stove at a time

Cooking shouldn’t kill. But it does, and it’s the largest killer in the world.

4 million people die every year from diseases that trace back to smoke from indoor cooking fires. Our life-saving stoves funnel smoke out of homes.

The Patsari Stove

Safer Cooking

What Sets Our Stoves Apart?
Our commitment to longevity and cultural consideration makes our stove program successful. Every ECOLIFE stove:

  • Is permanently built into the house, enabling us to track and monitor their use
  • Has a chimney to carry smoke and ash out of the home
  • Has cool sides and a flat top to keep children safe
  • Is culturally appropriate; no one stove fits all, since cultures cook and eat differently
  • Reduces firewood use by at least 50%

Our Impact

Less Smoke, More Family Time
For communities all over the world, a stove is more than just a means of cooking. It’s a place where recipes are passed down, where families gather to cook dinner and share stories. But for millions, a cooking fire in their home is also a constant health threat. Our safe, fuel-efficient stoves create a center in the house where families can cook together rain or shine.


Number of people who die from smoke inhalation each year


Cleaner air with ECOLIFE stoves

When I have visitors, everyone congratulates me on my Patsari – everyone likes it! My family now gathers in the kitchen to eat together because the smoke is all funneled outside.
– Mrs. Elvira Nieto, El Calvario, February 2017

Help others like Ignacio and Consuelo

Our stoves make life safer for hundreds of elderly people just like these two.