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The Story Behind Our Butterfly Logo


A lot has changed about ECOLIFE over our 18 years. Our galas started out as small boozy gatherings in living rooms, grew into elaborate theater productions, and even took to the internet. Our programs have stretched and evolved with changing needs and times. Our reach and scope are greater than we might have dared to dream even just five years ago. Office spaces and employees have come and gone, our founder passed his baton, and our Mexico team has grown even larger than our home office in California.

But a few key things have always remained the same. Our mission to protect people and the planet. Our commitment to doing what is right over what is easy. Our core of angel donors who have been with us since the start. And our iconic butterfly logo, a monarch with a map of the world spread across its wings.

“I loved the idea of the delicate but resilient nature of the butterfly and the way the world was encompassed in the wings.” – Bill Toone

We stick our logo on more or less everything because we love it so much, and because it doubles as a totem to us. It is a reminder that every single living thing, even the tiniest and most delicate creature, contains whole worlds within it; and at the same time the heartbeat of our green, life-filled planet is made up of each and every individual creature.

The monarch butterfly is locked in a lifelong dance with the heavens. It migrates using celestial navigation, with complex eyes that track the sun’s path across the sky.

The monarch lives and dies by the movement of the stars, the changing of the seasons, and the state of the environment surrounding it. Its habitat transcends borders and even reaches beyond the confines of our planet.

Its continued existence depends on our own species’ ability to make responsible decisions. And that’s why we chose the monarch butterfly as our logo: because, to us, it is so much more than just a beautiful creature. To us, the monarch symbolizes nature’s perfection, the fragility of all life on earth, and the idea that, though our actions have the ability to destroy something delicate, they also have the power to save it.


Our stoves in Mexico save the Oyamel Fir trees that migrating monarchs rely on to survive winter each year, and our aquaponics work in California mitigates the damages industrial agriculture reaps on species including the monarch. Both programs make it beneficial for local people to take better care of their local wildlife, creating longterm balance for all.


Got Valentine’s plans? Order our Conservation Chocolates to be registered for our live chocolate tasting event, Pair Up For Love. We’ve teamed up with Maya Moon to bring you flavors that speak to our love for and commitment to protecting our planet. They are crafted from organic, sustainable ingredients, purchases are tax deductible, and proceeds go toward protecting monarch butterfly habitat. Talk about guilt-free decadence!