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Creating Legends: How Young People Are Helping to Conserve Ecosystems

Conserve Ecosystems

Young people are more ready than ever to get involved in the effort to conserve ecosystems and fight climate change. In fact, a Pew Research Center survey from 2021 found that 32% of Gen Zers report having taken some form of action in support of protecting the environment, whether that was donating money, contacting elected officials, volunteering, or attending a rally.

It’s no surprise that young people are more invested in addressing environmental issues than the generations that came before them. Creating a more sustainable world will not only secure their future but the future of the generations that will follow them.

As we prepare to celebrate our twentieth anniversary, we recognize the importance of creating future legends in conservation. This starts with getting young people involved in what we’re doing. Keep reading to learn more about how we’re preparing younger generations to become future leaders in conservation.

ECOLIFE Conservation Internships

In an effort to create opportunities for young people to both get hands-on experience in conservation and get a head start on their professional goals, we offer internships suited to a wide range of academic and professional goals. 

ECOLIFE Conservation interns have the opportunity to be mentored by ECOLIFE professionals as they learn about the work we do and what it takes to keep our programs going. Most importantly, in addition to enhancing their resume and skill set, interning with us means directly contributing to our mission to help humans and nature thrive together.

To solve our biggest environmental challenges, we need diverse leaders who are prepared to use their talents in creating an equitable, sustainable future.

“My internship at ECOLIFE has taught me more than I could have learned in a classroom… The hands-on experience has been priceless.” – Stephanie Ledezma, Social Media Intern

Volunteer Opportunities

We’re also happy to provide volunteer opportunities for people 18 years and older. Join us in harvesting produce at our Aquaponics Innovation Center (AIC) or helping our team in our office. 

The best way to help younger generations get involved and learn what they’re interested in is to provide them with opportunities to participate firsthand. By volunteering at the AIC, young people can learn about the science of aquaponics and the workings of our state-of-the-art systems while tending to and harvesting the produce we donate.

Creating Legends & Celebrating Legacies: Join Us at Our 20th Anniversary Gala!

Through our internships, volunteer opportunities, and other youth-focused activities, we’re working to create the next generation of leaders who will help conserve ecosystems and protect people. That’s why we’ve made “Creating Legends & Celebrating Legacies” the theme of this year’s gala. As we celebrate our twentieth year of helping humans and nature prosper together, we’re looking back to thank everyone who has been part of our journey and looking forward to the future of conservation.

Join us on October 14 at La Jolla’s Birch Aquarium to celebrate 20 years of ECOLIFE Conservation! We hope you’ll join us in celebrating legends and creating legacies.

We’re working to put the power of sustainable community development in the hands of the people by providing resources, technical knowledge, education, and training. Community members are the best resource for understanding how to effectively mobilize and implement solutions to address their needs. 

This is why we’ve put so much effort into community-based solutions, but we need your help to keep our work going! Through events like our 20th-anniversary gala and donations from our community, we can continue saving ecosystems and saving lives.