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Why ECOLIFE is Fighting Extinction With Sustainable Agriculture

Green plants grown using ECOLIFE's aquaponics system for sustainable agriculture.

Although the connection may not be clear, sustainable agriculture benefits the fight against animal extinction. Conventional agriculture cannot sustainably feed our growing population. We recognize this need, which is why we’re bringing aquaponics to our local communities. Keep reading to learn more about sustainable agriculture and how it’s helping us fight extinction. 

By 2050, the world’s population is expected to reach 9 billion. Farmers will need to grow twice as much food to keep up with the demand. Without creative conservation measures, agricultural production’s harm will only increase. 

How sustainable agriculture helps fight extinction

At ECOLIFE, we focus on sustainable agriculture because habitat loss is the main driver of species extinction. We feel that it’s our duty to protect the unique species and landscapes of vulnerable communities. This is how sustainable agriculture benefits endangered animals – focusing on a more sustainable solution will allow us to conserve more habitats, saving the animals that depend on them.

In order to face the problem head-on we developed our modular aquaponics response kit (M.A.R.K.), which uses zero pesticides and 90% less land and water. With the M.A.R.K., we can feed more people healthy produce with less environmental impact. The food we grow using the M.A.R.K. is safer, healthier, and prevents further deterioration of lakes, streams, and watersheds. 

Aquaponics is a sustainable method of food production combining aquaculture, raising aquatic animals, and hydroponics, cultivating plants in water with added nutrients. The system uses waste produced by fish to convert bacteria into nitrate, an accessible form of nitrogen that the plants can consume. This provides rapid growth while purifying the water for the fish. The M.A.R.K. functions as a closed-loop system, so the water nutrients are recirculated and reused, preventing run-off and using less water.

Conventional agriculture can be harmful to both people and the planet, while sustainable agriculture benefits communities and ecosystems. Using aquaponics, we can equip communities and individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to gain access to a wide variety of fresh foods while reducing resource consumption. Our goal is to bring nutrient-dense produce into food-insecure areas and relieve economic and environmental burdens. We want to empower communities to be self-sufficient, increase individual prosperity through job training and healthy eating practices, and protect our natural resources.

ECOLIFE – Using Sustainable Agriculture to Protect Wildlife

We’ve chosen to focus on using sustainable agriculture to fight extinction because it’s the best way to prevent habitat loss. From the Patsari stove project to our M.A.R.K. system, every move we make benefits both imperiled wildlife and underserved communities. Because time and time again, we’ve seen that carefully chosen changes can have colossal impacts.

More widespread use of our M.A.R.K. system will allow us to bring sustainable agricultural benefits to communities around the globe, regardless of their climate or resources. This allows us to help communities thrive while protecting their local ecosystems. Donate today to support our work with aquaponics!