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Cause-Related Marketing & Social Responsibility: ECOLIFE’s Partnership With La Monarca Bakery

Cause-related marketing

Modern consumers are more aware of environmental issues than ever before and are changing their shopping habits accordingly. A survey from the IBM Institute for Business Value found that six in 10 consumers are willing to change where they shop to reduce environmental impact. These issues aren’t only important to younger consumers, though. The survey found that every age group stated that sustainability and environmental issues are important to them when choosing where they’ll shop. In a world where consumers expect the businesses they shop from to be as socially conscious as they are, cause-related marketing has the potential to help for-profit and non-profit businesses alike.

Keep reading to learn more about cause marketing and how partnering with ECOLIFE can help businesses. 

What is Cause-Related Marketing?

Cause-related marketing is a type of marketing in which a for-profit organization and a non-profit organization partner to raise awareness of–and fundraise for–a common cause. With modern consumers expecting businesses to be socially responsible, cause marketing can help businesses show potential customers what causes are important to them as a brand while contributing to donating to these causes. It also allows consumers to exercise social responsibility with their shopping choices.

Our Partnership with La Monarca Bakery

Since 2008, ECOLIFE has been in partnership with La Monarca Bakery. Like ECOLIFE, La Monarca Bakery found inspiration in the monarch butterfly. With multiple locations throughout Los Angeles, La Monarca Bakery is dedicated to serving products made with only the highest quality and freshest ingredients with no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors. Their mission is to infuse authentic flavors of Mexico into their baked products while creating opportunities for their local communities and doing their part to care for the environment.

This is the role of our partnership with La Monarca. They donate 1% of their proceeds to ECOLIFE, helping us maintain our community-based conservation and sustainable agriculture programs. In addition to this donation, La Monarca will also be working to raise awareness and additional funds for our programs during April with our Save the Monarchs campaign.

Make an Impact with ECOLIFE Conservation

If your current marketing plan could use a boost, consider cause-related marketing. Partnering with ECOLIFE provides your business with a win-win by showing your customers that you’re invested in protecting wildlife, ecosystems, and the people who depend on them. An investment in ECOLIFE is an investment in our earth’s future.

Research shows that consumers will choose a quality product over another if that product helps make a positive difference in the world. Whether you’re the head of an organization choosing to invest 1% of your profits in a non-profit organization with proven results, or you’re a patron making mindful choices, please support ECOLIFE Conservation’s 20-year legacy to save the monarch butterflies and the lives of families who are still cooking over open fire stoves. There are a lot of options; set your business apart by helping humans and nature thrive.

Call us at (760) 740-1346 or email Anne at to learn more about how you can collaborate with us to elevate your business.