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Karen Mondragón

Promotions Assistant

Karen is originally from CDMX, Mexico and studied a degree in environmental sciences in the Autonomous University of Mexico with an emphasis on managing socio-ecosystems, one of her main interests is to take part in the search and development of strategies that contribute to the progress of beings humans while promoting the care of the environment; as is the case in ECOLIFE.

Her participation in ECOLIFE MX is supporting the Promotion and Monitoring departments by generating maps for the team that is in the countryside, the analysis of databases and the attention to future beneficiaries. Karen finds her collaboration with ECOLIFE very satisfactory because not only does it allow her to develop professionally and acquire new tools and knowledge, it has also given her the opportunity to work with people with whom she shares values and points of view of how we want to improve not only Mexico, but the world.

Swimming, reading, enjoying a sun bath while admiring the landscape and racing games are some of the activities that Karen enjoys to do on her life and her free time.