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A.J. van de Ven

ECOLIFE Board Chair, President & CEO of Calsense

As the President of Calsense, a leader in smart irrigation solutions, Mr. van de Ven has extensive involvement in all aspects of the business. He strives to instill the values of sustainability and stewardship in the business and their partners. Calsense promotes sustainability in everything from the products and services they provide to their corporate practices, community engagement, and thought leadership. Calsense’s commitment to stewardship goes beyond their relationship with their customers by maintaining their duty of careful and responsible management of our planet’s most precious natural resource: water.

On top of his unwavering commitment to Calsense, he has been a lecturer of “Environmental Issues, Policies, and Regulations for Water Managers” at his Alma Mater, California State University at San Marcos. A.J. proves his commitment to educating others about the environment and the importance of protecting its resources through his involvement at CSUSM as well as being a Climate Reality Leader.

These values are key to both A.J.’s personal and professional life and align with those of ECOLIFE. A.J. has been involved with ECOLIFE since 2018 and was most recently able to attend their Migration of the Monarchs trip. Above all A.J. is a loving father to his two children and exemplifies those values in every aspect of his life.

Voting Member – Active 2020 to Present