Learn about our Purpose, Challenge, and Approach


Our Mission

ECOLIFE Conservation® is an international organization providing solutions to mutually benefit underserved communities and imperiled wildlife around the world.

The Challenge

ECOLIFE® was established with the belief that our communities are only truly sustainable in association with healthy, resilient natural environments.

The number one cause of species extinction is loss of habitats – which are resources that make homes for wildlife. To reduce the rates of habitat loss, we need to address what is consuming our open spaces.  Overwhelmingly habitats are lost to expanding rural agriculture.  To talk about conservation without talking about reducing our agricultural footprint is irresponsible.

Another major cause of habitat loss is the harvest of wood for fuel and cooking fires.  Smoke from these cooking fires is the largest environmental killer of people.  Simply constructed stoves can reduce fuel use, forest loss and save lives.

With these two programs we can unite the needs of people and their resources and have a tremendous impact in protecting natural resources.

Our future depends on our ability to efficiently use our precious resources and safeguard the environments which provide us our basic needs.  The needs of people and nature are not in competition, they go  hand in hand.

Our Approach

At ECOLIFE®, we focus on using conservation as a tool that is adaptable and integrative rather than confrontational. Our approach matches simple technologies with education to improve upon our use of precious natural resources such as water, land, and forest.

Simple Sustainable Solutions.