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Designing the Future of Food

Aquaponics System Redesign – The Future of Food

ECOLIFE is innovating farming practices to mitigate the natural resource challenges of our generation. According to the United Nations’ projections, the world population is expected to reach nearly 10 billion by 2050. Water, land, and food will continue to become more scarce–unless we take action!

Aquaponics Technician Martin Niwinski completely redesigned ECOLIFE’s commercial-sized aquaponics farm with state-of-the-art technology. Martin expresses, “I am excited to use remineralization to improve the amount of nutrients in the system and use fish waste in a more effective manner.” This is tech talk for using a special filter to process fish waste, so more nutrients stay within the system and feed the plants.

A valued partnership with Calsense allows us to effectively track water usage, analyze trends, manage water flow, detect breaks, automate water fills, and build custom reports all via a real-time app. As aquaponic pioneers, we understand advancements such as these are necessary to reaching our goal of creating a sustainable food system.

Our new Deep Water Culture aquaponics system will be able to grow up to 1,640 lettuce plants, allowing us to provide local communities access to more fresh greens! However, this system will yield far more than heads of lettuce,protein-packed tilapia, delicious cucumbers, and juicy tomatoes. It will serve as an educational center and be available for public tours for people ages 18+.

The system is part of our Future of Food Program, where we provide fresh produce to people who need it most. We rely on the support of volunteers to keep our program such as these thriving.

If you are interested in learning more about aquaponics and feeding our community, sign-up today!

Keep a look out for our upcoming events and we hope to see you soon!