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Alejandro Tavera

Mexico Program Manager

Alejandro is from Morelia, Michoacán, México, graduated in 2009 from the bachelor in Industrial Design, at UANL. Alejandro has worked in different parts and areas, but his specialty is the management of ecotechnological projects and programs, as well as ecodesign, where he has been able to explore and generate products such as improved wood cook stoves and efficient kilns for pottery and artisana brick production. Alejandro seeks to improve himself day after day, he is motivated to improve the situation in his country and be a changemaker.

Alejandro considers his work as a great opportunity to create job opportunities for others and support people, environment and public health, working on their mindset, and is an avid enthusiast of organization and planning.

Alejandro’s interests are traveling, cooking and gastronomy, playing sports such as soccer, basketball or rugby, reading, designing and building furniture.