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Where can I set up an Aquaponics system?

The really great thing about aquaponics is that it is completely scalable . . . you can grow a plant over one fish in your kitchen or set up a commercial farm.  Everything in the middle is up to your imagination.  At home (Escondido, CA) I started with an outdoor system using tilapia in 55 gallon food grade barrels.  Tilapia like their water warm and the electric bills in the winter were astronomical.  For my outdoor system I have switched to keeping channel catfish.  Ambient temperatures are great for them – so with a dozen or so fish I keep about 250 lettuce/basil/chard/kale going all year round.  So to answer the question . . . you can set one up on your desk, on your balcony, in your backyard or out on the farm.  Just do it. 548289_500747483277823_1029618522_n