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How long before the fish in my aquaponic system are big enough to eat?

Growth rate of your fish will depend on a lot of variables including the type of fish. crowding, quality of food, water quality and water temperature to name a few.  In our experience we find a lot of the published commercial growth rates to be overly optimistic for a more casually run home system. el_ap203_11 ·     It can take 9 -12 months before tilapia are large enough to harvest (about 500 – 550 grams). ·     Make sure fish are being fed enough food on a regular schedule. ·     Check for overcrowding.  Keep only up to 1 kilo of fish for every 40 liters of water in the system.  Or think of it as 1″ of fish for every gallon of water. ·     Check water temperature.  Tilapia love warm water and fish grow slower at low temperatures.