What kind of water should I use in my kit?

Rainwater and potable pH neutral well water are the best choices for filling an aquaponic system. Many of us, though, are limited to municipal tap water to charge the system. While in some regions this water may be ready to use right out of the tap, most municipal sources add chlorine and chloramine to the water for disinfectant purposes. These compounds make the water safe for us to drink, but unfortunately they are toxic to fish and to the nitrifying bacteria in the bio-filter. While there are a number of water conditioners available through aquarium shops, most of these products are not certified for use with fish and plants that are intended for human consumption, as stated on the bottle. An easy and safe alternative is a little powdered Vitamin C. 200 milligrams of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) will treat 20 gallons of water, effectively neutralizing the chlorine and chloramine.

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