How much maintenance is required on the tank?

The initial setup takes about an hour- after that, maintenance is very minimal. You need to feed the fish daily (or as much as is recommended for the breed). Also, you’ll need to add small amounts of water to make up for the water lost to evaporation and transpiration. In an established system, the replacement water usually does not require the water treatments discussed under “What kind of water should I use in my kit?” The plants, bacteria, and other micro-biota in the system will quickly neutralize and remove the harmful compounds. As far as cleaning the aquarium – using the ECO-Cycle Aquaponic kit will help ensure a balanced aquarium, in which there is little to zero excess nutrients. That means less algae growth and reduced maintenance requirements in comparison to conventional aquariums. Biofilm and some algae, however, will gradually grow on the glass and solid waste and other debris will accumulate on the gravel. These are best removed using an algae magnet or pad on a stick, and a gravel vacuum. Both of these pieces of equipment are easily maneuvered through the front door of the ECO-Cycle Aquaponic grow tray.

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